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乙烯基 Vac 33 - 乙烯基记录清洁套件 - 用于深度清洁的记录真空棒(附在真空软管上)
Vinyl Vac 33 - Vinyl Record Cleaning Kit - Record Vacuum Wand for Deep Cleaning (Attaches to Your Vacuum Hose)

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  • 从记录凹槽中去除嵌入的污垢和污垢,连接到您的干湿/干胶软管
  • 含更换垫! (柔软的天鹅绒,保护您的乙烯基记录)
  • 包括两个吸盘减少器,用户可调整所需的吸盘量
  • 包括 O 型环,为 Vac 软管和乙烯基 Vac 之间提供舒适贴合
  • 包括毛毡垫圈,在使用乙烯基 Vac 时保护您的记录标签
    • Removes Embedded Dirt and Grime From Record Grooves, Attaches To Your Wet/Dry Vac Hose
    • Replacement Pads Included! (Soft Velvet Protects Your Vinyl Records)
    • Two Suction Reducers Included To Allow User To Regulate The Amount of Suction Desired
    • O Ring Included To Provide A Snug Fit Between Your Vac Hose And The Vinyl Vac
    • Felt Washer Included To Protect Your Record Labels While Using The Vinyl Vac


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THE VINYL VAC 33 - Vacuum Wand for 33rpm Records! THE AFFORDABLE AND EFFECTIVE SOLUTION TO VACUUM YOUR VINYL RECORDS! You no longer need to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars in order to effectively vacuum your record collection! Your turntable stylus while tracing the vinyl groove will encounter dirt, dust and grime that has attached or embedded itself to the vinyl. This results in the pops, clicks, hisses and noise that takes away the premium sound of the vinyl experience. The only way to truly pull the deep down dirt and grime embedded in your vinyl grooves is to lift it off with a vacuum. Vinyl Vac will effectively do just that for a fraction of the price of expensive vinyl vacuum machines. Some vacuum systems out there can cost anywhere from $200 to $4,000. The Vinyl Vac is only $29.97 and will lift the dirt and grime out of those precious vinyl grooves. Vinyl Vac 33 is designed to be used with your wet/dry vac. The Vinyl Vac attaches to any standard vac hose (1.25 or 1.5 inches). Soft velvet around the intake will protect your vinyl while working loose embedded dirt and grime for the vac to lift from the grooves. Also included in your order are two suction reducers that will allow you to better regulate the amount of suction. We recommend the use of a wet/dry vac that is 1.5 hp but not greater than 3 hp.

VINYL VAC 33 - 33rpm 录音真空棒! 经济实惠、有效的解决方案来激发您的黄昏记录! 您不再需要花费数百 - 数千美元才能有效挖掘您的记录收集! 当您描绘乙烯基凹槽时,您的旋转手写笔会遇到沾染或嵌入到乙烯基上的灰尘、灰尘和污垢。 这会产生弹出式、点击、点击和噪声,消除了乙烯树脂体验的优质声音。 真正拉下嵌入乙烯基凹槽中的深灰尘和污垢的*方式是用真空提起它。 Vinyl Vac 将有效地做到这一点,价格仅为昂贵的乙烯基真空机所带来的几分。 有些真空系统可以在任何地方花费200美元至4,000美元。 乙烯基 Vac 仅 29.97 美元,将从这些珍贵的乙烯基凹槽中去除灰尘和污垢。 Vinyl Vac 33 设计用于湿/干式吸尘器。 乙烯基 Vac 可连接到任何标准真空软管(1.25 或 1.5 英寸)。 进气口处采用软天鹅绒技术,可保护您的乙烯基,松散的嵌入污垢和污垢,让 vac 从凹槽中提起。 您的订单中还包含两个吸盘,让您更好地控制吸盘量。 我们建议使用 1.5 hp 但不大于 3 hp 的湿/干湿真空。




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美国亚马逊: 4.3 颗星,最多 5 颗星 330 条评论
R. Martinez
3.0 颗星,最多 5 颗星 Good concept, so-so execution
2018年10月29日 - 已在美国亚马逊上发表
29 个人发现此评论有用
5.0 颗星,最多 5 颗星 Awesome product!
2017年1月16日 - 已在美国亚马逊上发表
5.0 颗星,最多 5 颗星 Awesome product!
2017年1月15日 在美国审核
This is an excellent and downright amazing product. Once i saw it i knew i could make my own for less, but i ordered it anyhow to support the inventor and save time. All my various other methods of cleaning records over the years were incomplete without actually sucking the grunge out of the grooves, but i didnt want to spend hundreds, even thousands on a professional machine to clean my collection of mostly $1-10 valued albums.

I spent many hours researching and trying many cleaning methods before buying this vacuum attachment. I ended up implementing this plus the VinylStyl Deep Groove which is comparable to the Spin Clean, but i feel better designed and carried out. You can also scrub your records with a soft brush and plain soap in the sink (the center labels are very water-resistant) but without sucking out that dirty water or fluid from whatever washing you give the record, theres still going to be stuff in the grooves. High water pressure might get most of it out but vacuuming seems superior to me becasue water pressure may just lodge things in there further. Since a record groove is approximately 1/10th the size of a human hair, i dont believe there is a brush around that would reach in, so vacuuming is your best bet. The difference can be HEARD as well as seen. I have records that came from houses of chain smokers, stored in dusty New Mexico garages, etc and i feel the Vinyl Vac will best take care of them all. I think i even prefer it to the $4000 ultrasonic automatic machine becasue im sort of a gearhead and i actually enjoy the manual operation of my setup, and cleaning and listening to records is theraputic :). Plus with running the vacuum every minute or so i have a reason to turn it up LOUD!

The attachment comes with felt strips that are glued to both sides of the suction opening which prevent the hard plastic from riding on the record surface as you move/spin/turn it. Its designed for use right on your turntable but i actually got a spare broken turntable at goodwill to use strictly as a cleaning deck so everything can be done right on the kitchen island. I hold this cleaner steady, with the drilled "pivot" hole resting over the turntable spindle, and i lower the tube part parallel and it sucks itself right onto the record surface, then i spin the record on its platter slowly both directions. There are spare felt pads in the kit. Ive cleaned about 75 records and the felt still looks brand new. It also comes with vacuum reducers to insert inline after the hose, but i think its perfect without them using my 2.0hp small shop vac. It also comes with felt washers to protect the label as you spin the record, but this is the weakest part of the engineering. Within 1 second the felt washer was sucked straight through the spindle hole and i had to get it out of the vacuum. This is partly because the hole is almost 2x bigger than a standard record spindle for some reason. So i had to set a metal washer over to weigh down the felt washer. Luckily i had one lying around that was thin enough not to mess up the angle of the tube--it probably causes about a 3-degree angle. The shop vac power helps it still securely "vacuum" itself to the record even though the metal washer lifting the spindle area keeps the rest of the tube those few degrees from parallel. It actually lifts the vinyl of a 33. For 78s you may have to come up with something thinner. Not a big deal, but im not sure how the felt washer held up during product testing. Its a minor issue and im keeping my eyes open for something else lying around thats thinner than the washer. Since this thing is almost all funtion over looks, I'm thinking about just modifying a cottage cheese container lid or something....it needs to be about that thin. Depite that issue this is still one of the coolest inventions ive ever gotten my hands on and for $110 total i believe i have the best record cleaning system possible.
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