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PowerA Xbox Series X|S 增强型 有线手柄 – 质量效应 N7

平台 : Xbox One, Windows, Xbox Series X
4.4 颗星,最多 5 颗星 30,159 评论
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质量效应 N7


  • Xbox 系列 x|s 控制器具有卓越的人体工程学和经典按钮布局 + 两个可映射的高级游戏按钮
  • 沉浸式双隆起电机 + 标准 3.5 毫米立体声耳机插孔,适用于游戏音频
  • 分享按钮捕捉和分享屏幕截图和剪辑 + 音量拨盘,一键式聊天静音
  • 可拆卸的 10 英尺(3 米)USB 线,带魔术贴开合 + Xbox 为 Xbox 系列 x|s 官方,与 Xbox One 兼容
  • 两年有限;访问 PowerA.Com/support + Xbox 系列 x|s 的官方,并适用于 Xbox One


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  • 语言 ‏ : ‎ None
  • 商品尺寸 ‏ : ‎ 15.6 x 1.1 x 0.7 cm; 204.12 克
  • 发布日期 ‏ : ‎ 2021年11月6日
  • ASIN ‏ : ‎ B09BC4G6F4
  • 型号 / 款式 ‏ : ‎ 1524523-01
  • 碟数 ‏ : ‎ 1
  • 用户评分:
    4.4 颗星,最多 5 颗星 30,159 评论


使用 Xbox 系列 X|S 的 PowerA 增强有线控制器将您的游戏提升到新的水平。 这款设计精美的控制器由 Xbox 官方授权,具有两个可映射的高级游戏按钮,您可以快速编程,中间动作。 此外,还可以享受您对严肃的 Xbox 控制器所期望的所有关键功能:双隆起电机、精密调谐的模拟棒、平滑运动的防摩擦环以及卓越的人体工程学性能。 包括高品质 10 英尺(3 米)USB 数据线,可实现无延迟性能和无尽播放。 此外,凭借 PowerA 2 年有限保修,您可以放心地玩耍,并以世界一流的客户服务为后盾。




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美国亚马逊: 3.1 颗星,最多 5 颗星 4,167 条评论
2.0 颗星,最多 5 颗星 Mic input volume not good
2019年10月24日 - 已在美国亚马逊上发表
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Matthew M.
4.0 颗星,最多 5 颗星 This controller is the "best bang for your dollar".
2020年12月15日 - 已在美国亚马逊上发表
4.0 颗星,最多 5 颗星 This controller is the "best bang for your dollar".
2020年12月15日 在美国审核
First impressions of this controller are overall good! This is a super budget friendly "elite" style controller that doesn't break the bank. It's even a better value when it's on sale for $30.

I have owned other "elite" style controllers like the Xbox Elite 1 and the Razer Wolverine Ultimate edition so I wasn't expecting much from this controller. However, I was thoroughly impressed with this controller given it's price point. There's a lot of value in this controller with features such as textured grip, programmable buttons, Series X Share button, and the built in audio controls.

Of course this controller does have it's drawbacks when compared to other "elite" style controllers that are generally 3-4 times more expensive than this controller:
1) Build Quality - I was pleased with the overall feel of the controller; smooth, soft face plate, diamond textured grip, anti-friction rings, etc.
Here's the big BUT - The quality of this being a $30-35 controller is abundantly clear. Triggers don't have a good pull when compared to the standard Xbox controller, the D-Pad leaves something to be desired. It's not as tactile as the standard XB1 controller D-Pad. For me personally, I felt that the thumbsticks had a little more deadzone than my Razer Wolverine or standard XB1 controller (no I haven't adjusted the deadzones on my other controllers using the Controller Settings. Kept them all stock for the sake of this review.).

2) Audio - This is where this controller suffers the most in my personal opinion. I love the concept of the new audio controls on this controller. Flick or hold left or right to adjust the volume and click to mute and lights up red to show you are muted. (Side note: every time you plug a headset into this controller, it automatically goes into mute every time. This is courteous to other players so they don't have to hear loud sounds as your mic kicks on).
Here's the big BUT - When the mic is not muted, and you talk, your voice comes back into your headset so you hear yourself. Being able to hear yourself in your headset reminds me of Turtle beaches headphones back on PS3/360 and I'm personally not a fan of that design.
I understand this is designed to help mitigate screaming into mics, but it also has a lot of "dead air noise" which sounds like a low hiss sound. This is incredibly obnoxious in the sense that if you're trying to listen for audio such as footsteps, it does make it a little more difficult.

3) No trigger locks - this was probably a design choice to help keep the cost of the controller low, but not having trigger locks keeps this controller from being one of the best, if not, THE best budget "elite" controller.

Overview - Despite the drawbacks, this controller is definitely worth picking up if you're looking for a budget friendly "elite" controller because you're tired of spending hundreds of dollars on controllers.
This is also a great entry level "training wheels" elite-style controller; for those looking to learn how to use pro controllers and not wind up having buyer's remorse when they spend tons of money on the other controllers and decide it's not for them after all.
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5.0 颗星,最多 5 颗星 nice
2021年1月13日 - 已在美国亚马逊上发表
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